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For many years our business has been built around quality, service and value for money. Our mission is to supply technologically advanced and guaranteed products. We manufacture superior products by employing the best quality virgin base material and applying our unique chemistry, making our products truly world class.  The superior performance of our products speak for itself.

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Indy Sugartech Gear Lubricant

Indy Sugartech Gear Lubricant.


INDY Sugartech Gear Lubricant is a synthetic extreme pressure lubricant, specifically designed for the lubrication of sugar mill crusher journal bearings. Indy Sugartech Gear Lubricant is formulated using high-viscosity biodegradable polyalkylene glycols, together with an extreme pressure additive package to ensure high load bearing capabilities. INDY Sugartech Gear Lubricant contains a high strength molecular weight polymer, which compresses as the load increases, causing the polymer to increase in resistance to further compression, preventing metal-to-metal contact. This compressive resistance reduces the lubricant flow across the bearing surface greatly reducing the quantity of lubricant required to maintain the oil film supporting the bearings. INDY Sugartech Gear Lubricant contains corrosion inhibitors that are suitable for use with yellow metals.


Indy Sugartech Gear Lubricant is easily pumped using conventional lubrication equipment usually found on sugar mill



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