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Our Products

For many years our business has been built around quality, service and value for money. Our mission is to supply technologically advanced and guaranteed products. We manufacture superior products by employing the best quality virgin base material and applying our unique chemistry, making our products truly world class.  The superior performance of our products speak for itself.

Indy Hydrol AW

Anti-Wear Hydraulic Fluid


INDY Hydrol AW is a range of premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils. They are blended from virgin paraffinic base oils. They contain anti-wear, anti-rust, anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives to give excellent performance and wear protection.

They are recommended for use in any circulating hydraulic system where zinc containing anti-wear hydraulic oil is called for.


INDY Hydrol AW Oils may be used in any circulating hydraulic system, which calls for the use of anti-wear hydraulic oil containing a zinc anti-wear additive. They are also suitable for use in machine tools such as the headstock of lathes, which specify the use of hydraulic oil. They should not be used in a system which contains silver plated components.


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