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Our Products

For many years our business has been built around quality, service and value for money. Our mission is to supply technologically advanced and guaranteed products. We manufacture superior products by employing the best quality virgin base material and applying our unique chemistry, making our products truly world class.  The superior performance of our products speak for itself.

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Indy Injector Cleaner Petrol

Injector Cleaner for Petrol Engines.


INDY Injector Cleaner (Petrol) is a concentrated fuel detergent designed specifically for petrol engines. It is formulated with a blend of surface active agents and deposit control modifiers that have detergent functionalities to clean up and maintain cleanliness of fuel injector systems.


INDY Injector Cleaner (Petrol) functions to control deposits on fuel injectors, control water-contaminated fuel and reduce sludge build-up. It is suitable for use in both single and multiport injector systems, as well as on commercial passenger and heavy duty vehicles.


We are a member of Right to Repair.

Find out more about the Right to Repair initiative www.right2repair.org.za  

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