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Our Products

For many years our business has been built around quality, service and value for money. Our mission is to supply technologically advanced and guaranteed products. We manufacture superior products by employing the best quality virgin base material and applying our unique chemistry, making our products truly world class.  The superior performance of our products speak for itself.

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Super Two Stroke Oil


2-Stroke Motorcycle Engine Oil


Indy Super Two Stroke Engine Oil is a premium mineral based engine oil designed for use in high performance two stroke engines. This product provides high levels of detergency and scuff protection. Indy Super Two Stroke Engine Oil can also be used in portable power equipment.


Primarily designed for two stroke motorcycle engines this product can also be used for portable power equipment engines requiring a two stroke engine oil. This product can be used in oil injection auto lubricant systems and premix applications.


• Reduced deposits due to low ash detergent dispersant additives. This product controls ash and carbon deposits while maintaining combustion efficiency and protection against power loss under sever conditions.

• Carefully designed product that ensures stable fuel/oil mix for long periods of time.

• Excellent lubricity characteristics of the low ash additive system and superior anti wear additives protect and prevent wear under high speed conditions.

• Prevents fouling and prolongs the life of the spark plug.


We are a member of Right to Repair.

Find out more about the Right to Repair initiative www.right2repair.org.za  

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