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Our Products

For many years our business has been built around quality, service and value for money. Our mission is to supply technologically advanced and guaranteed products. We manufacture superior products by employing the best quality virgin base material and applying our unique chemistry, making our products truly world class.  The superior performance of our products speak for itself.

Indy Turbo Diesel XHD

Super High Performance Diesel Engine Oil


INDY Turbo Diesel XHD is formulated as a Super High Performance Diesel (SHPD) lubricant that has been specially developed for modern heavy duty engines. Indy Turbo Diesel XHD contains low-ash additive technology that meet requirements of Euro 3 and Euro 4/5/6 engine specifications, and is applicable for extended drain intervals. The stay-ingrade viscometrics ensures that Indy Turbo Diesel XHD has all seasonal suitability. The advanced additive technology of Indy Turbo Diesel XHD aids in maintaining engine cleanliness as well as providing superior protection for engine


INDY Turbo Diesel XHD is suitable for use in long-service and extended-drain conditions in both turbo-charged and normally aspirated heavy duty engines. API CI-4-/SL


We are a member of Right to Repair.

Find out more about the Right to Repair initiative www.right2repair.org.za  

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