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Indy Oil products are formulated using the best virgin base oils and the right additive packages for specific applications.

Industrial Chemicals


INDY MULTISURFACE CLEANER Description Indy Multisurface Cleaner is water-based, non-flammable and non-toxic surface cleaner that can be used to clean up a variety of compounds, including oils, greases, petrol, diesel…
Solvent Cleaner for Electrical Components Description INDY Electro Cleaner is a solvent blend for cold cleaning of electrical components. The product is fast drying and evaporates completely, leaving a clean,…
Low Foam, General Purpose Detergent Description INDY Surplex LF is low foam detergent used for general purpose cleaning and mild degreasing in the metal working industry.
Truck and Car Wash Detergent Description INDY Fleetwash contains a blend of synthetic detergents, wetting agents, corrosion inhibitors and selected waxes.It removes oily deposits, road dirt and other films, leaving…
Gel Handcleaner Description INDY Pit Gel is a hand-cleaner formulated for use on general oil, grease and other residues. INDY Pit Gel is solvent-free, and contains natural, biodegradable ingredients that…
Gel Handcleaner with Grit Description INDY Pit Grit is a semi-gel cleaner containing pure and natural ingredients derived from nature's own sources such as organic oils. This is a pleasant…
Heavy Duty All Purpose Cleaner and Degreaser Description Indy Purpinator is a heavy duty alkali degreaser used for the removal of oils, grease & other foreign matters normally associated with…
Descaling compound Description INDY Econodet is a green lemon perfumed, dishwashing liquid with good detergent action and high foaming characteristics.
Premium Bottle Washing Compound Description INDY BWA 40 is a highly active alkaline liquid bottle washing detergent. This product incorporates a well designed additive package to aggressively attack used and…
Water-washable extrusion compound Description INDY Bead Lube is a clear water-washable extrusion compound. It consists of a mixture of alkalies and nonionic surfactants.
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