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Indy Oil is committed to developing high quality industrial lubricants and chemicals.  Indy Oil products are formulated using the best virgin base oils and the right additive packages for specific applications.  The Indy Oil plant capacity expansion has enabled Indy Oil to refocus our energies on growing our industrial customer base and industrial lubricants range. 

Indy Oil’s range of premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils, used in circulating hydraulic systems and machine tools, is available in a range of ISO grades to suite specific customer machinery. Our product range includes oil for geared transmissions, broaching oils and Spark Erosion Fluid for finish-cut electrical discharge machining operations.


Product Development

What is little known, is that other than Indy Oil’s comprehensive range of products for the Industrial sector, Indy Oil are continuously developing lubricants for niche applications. Indy Oil have differentiated themselves by employing a leading in-house product development chemist with access to two state of the art laboratories with the most up to date instrumentation to focus on the development of new products for local industries and their specific operating conditions.   It is in this lab that lubricants are being customized for customer specific applications.

A strong experienced team was recently appointed by Indy Oil todevelop and strengthen Indy Oil’s relationships with plants, mines and companies who service this sector of the market.   The sales team and warehouses are based in all major centres around South Africa, to ensure that we provide top notch customer service nationally. 

Our motivated team are focused on supplying you truly world class quality products, with exceptional service and technical support.  Markets that are currently serviced by the Industrial team include all forms of manufacturing, engineering, textile, construction, steel, brick and pharmaceutical industries.


 Industrial Team June 2016


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