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Indy Oil, a G.U.D. Holdings company, is the largest independent oil company in South Africa. Founded in 2000, Indy Oil is a manufacturer and marketer of a wide range of automotive and industrial lubricants. Indy Oil trades nationally, with branches throughout the country. Its blending facility and automated filling plant in Kwa-Zulu Natal has a capacity in excess of 1800 tons.

Indy Oils products are designed to continually outperform conventional oils in their applications which is only possible due to our superior formulations. Indy Oil uses the best virgin base oil and right additive packages to produce its world class lubricants for diverse applications. Indy Oils product range consists of automotive oils, brake fluids, greases, chemicals; heavy duty, marine and industrial products. Our high position in the oil market is underpinned by a powerful technology base that allows us to offer innovative product development and top-quality products.

Our Indy Oil blending plant is SABS ISO 9001-2015 certified and comply with all relevant global industry specifications (API, ACEA & JASO). They are formulated to meet the requirements of major Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMS) including Volkswagen and Volvo. Our products meet the highest specifications and are approved by OEMs from all sectors of the market making our products truly ‘World Class Lubricants’.

Our competitive advantage stems from the fact that Indy Oil is in a building and growth phase. This means we are gaining additional experience and technological expertise just when the industry is restructuring and downsizing. This is proof of our product quality standards and world class customer service. Our staff keeps pace with new developments and technology, combining skills and expertise with high standards of support and service to give customers a highly professional package.

Indy Oil is market-driven and market-focused. This means that we do not impose a certain basket of products on our customers; we listen to them and try to understand exactly what they need. Then we use that knowledge to kick-start further technology-based product development. We believe that in this way we provide additional value to our customers.

Our products and customer service speak for themselves, clearly demonstrating our commitment to providing quality products. Working with international OEMs, we have developed specific products for specific applications. We also have longstanding approval from the majority of these OEMs. This capacity to acquire international approvals speaks volumes for the power of our technology and our quality.

Indy Oil trades nationally, with branches throughout the country, and has its blending facility in KwaZulu-Natal. The Indy Oil brand is firmly focused on further developing its footprint in sub Saharan Africa and we currently trade in many of these countries. For more information and contact numbers see our Contact page



We are a member of Right to Repair.

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